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There is quite a lot of Calzona fanfic out there written by some incredibly talented writers.  Below is a list of sites that I have compiled so far that have some really enjoyable fanfic.  Keep checking back for new fic recommendations as I will keep adding to my list as I come across great new stories.


Featured Fanfic of the Week

"Allow Me to Exaggerate a Memory or Two" by boldpapermate

A most satisfying continuation of the elevator scene in 7x12. Not to mention the excellent characterization of Arizona.

Featured Fanfic Archive


Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction

A community for general Grey's fanfic covering all the characters on the show.  There are a few Calzona gems in there that are not posted on the other boards.


Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction Archive

This site has tons of fanfic for all shows and a search function that lets you search for the fanfic featuring characters you prefer by matching up different pairings.  A healthy amount of Calzone fanfic here, and many of the stories in progress are frequently updated with new chapters.


Below is a list of Calzona fanfic authors that I highly recommend. Happy Reading!


Several warm and fuzzy vignettes as well as multi-chapter stories.  Lovely, descriptive writing style that at times tug at the heart.  Perfect character portrayal.



A whole slew of cute and relatively shorter stories capturing Callie & Arizona's "moments".  The writing captures the essence of Calzona so perfectly.



A ton of Callie-centric stories here, including a couple of really steamy Callie & Arizona fics that are very well written.



Several serialized multi-chapter stories.  Lovely writing style and accurate portrayal of the characters.



Several excellent Calzone fics here (wish there were more).  The writing is superb.  Have to become a Livejournal member in order to read.



A couple of cute yet hot short Calzona fics here.



There is an interesting (and steamy) Alternate Universe one here.



A few one-shot ones.



A few short stories here featuring really cute interaction between Callie & Arizona.



A couple of exquisitely written short fics that capture the smallest of moments so perfectly.



A collection of short stories (including a couple of superbly written missing scenes) with beautifully fleshed-out characterization.



Several lovely one-shot fics that captu re Callie & Arizona's little moments in their daily lives.



A couple of Callie & Arizona fics here. One of them, an ongoing high school AU fic, has particularly good characterization.



A couple of really hot multi-part fics.  Frequently updated with new chapters.



A couple of cute and sensual short fics.



Several multi-chapter fics with interesting concepts.



A few short steamy ones and an intense multi-chapter fic.



A few cute one-shot ones, including some missing scenes.



A couple of very well-writen Callie/Arizona fics, among other Grey's pairings.



A couple of one-shots that capture the essence of Callie and Arizona. One set after 5.21, the other after 6.20.



A few multi-chapter fics here. All fluffy and hot.



Some interesting AU fics here as well as a bunch of steamy one-shots.



A few multi-chapter fics involving C & A's families, a couple of reunion fics, and some one-shots.



Includes a multi-chapter "aftermath" (post Season 6 finale) fic and a multi-chapter angsty post-break up one.



A multi-chapter fic that involves a mature subject matter (reader stronger advised). Superb storytelling and the best characterization I have seen.


Next Grey's episodes

9.03: "Love the One You're With" (Oct. 18, 2012)

9.04: "I Saw Her Standing There" (Oct. 25, 2012)

9.05: "Beautiful Doom" (Nov. 8, 2012)

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