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My Review of 6.18 - "Suicide is Painless" E-mail
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Sunday, 28 March 2010 19:36

Grey's ratings came in 2nd this week to college basketball. Next week, it's going up against The Mentalist as CBS decided to switch it with CSI to see how it does against Grey's. Eek. Read on for my full review.


So the episode turned out to be the Huntlet show. I knew the Owen/assisted-suicide patient storyline would be the main one, complete with the incredibly hyped flashbacks, but my bad, I didn't expect it to be an Owen-centric ep (he even got to do the voiceover!). There wasn't much in the episode for people who are not Owen fans, and I doubt the Cris/Owen shippers enjoyed much of it, either, due to the amount of Teddy/Owen interaction and the undertone of their relationship (which gave off a romantic vibe, as far as everyone around them was concerned). I'm not s ure where the writers are going with the Teddy/Huntlet relationship. Continuing to highlight their history and feelings for each other is not going to endear Teddy to the viewers, especially if the writers plan to draw her back into the triangle before the season ends.  I was also hoping that a little more progress would be made at the end of the ep (rather than him shutting Cristina out again). He continues to be plagued at the end of the ep as he was at the beginning, as he was 2 years ago. Maybe there's a chance that he came to terms with it internally last night and he'll repress it until something else triggers it and then we revisit it next season...again. I know in reality, PTSD does not go away easily and is a very real and ongoing issue; but that being said, this is a one hour show and he is one of many (is it 12?) series regular, and I was hoping that something would happen to inch towards a resolution rather than sort of leaving it as a cliffhanger.


And why am I not surprised that it's another cliffhanger for Callie & Arizona fans. The baby issue is too good and legitimate of a topic for the writers not to turn into a mini arc, because if this got resolved in an episode, what else are they going to come up with that doesn't have to do with a 3rd party? So we ought to feel relieved that at least the conflict is a believable one. That's not to say that the ep was not a disappointing one in terms of Callie and Arizona screen time. I need to stop setting myself up whenever I see them mentioned in the press release.



To recap the Callie/Arizona storyline...


Arizona and Mark are hanging out in the lab while Callie's hard at work on her cartilage construction. Arizona, in pigtails again, has apparently decided that the best way to bond with her patients is to physically resemble them. And Mark, who is millions of years behind on the evolutionary scale, is lauding the merits of communication while standing upright. It's a chance to find out random things that you never wanted to know about someone, like the fact that Teddy prefers the word "damp" to "moist". (hmm... sharing idiosyncrasies by the third date - are things heating up or what?). Arizona looks slightly disturbed by this weird factoid about her newest friend, as Mark announces proudly that he's growing again! He's like... grown! (coming from Mark Sloan, that just makes me feel icky). Callie, who's usually much more gossipy, appears to be ignoring the chitchat between Mark and Arizona and has her full attention on her microscope and making the others look like slackers.


Arizona: She's busy making cartilage from scratch. She's a little preoccupied these days. It's super hot.

Callie looks at her and gives her a slightly forced smile.

Arizona: I'm going to be late. <leans in and gives Callie a peck>

Callie: Bye.


How momentous! We got a kiss, albeit a quick one! I can confirm that if you freeze frame it, their lips indeed touch (And nooooo..that did not sound obsessive at all...). At least they have moved past the camera trickery. Such progress.


After Arizona is barely out of the door, Callie drops the hardworking routine and blurts to Mark that, "She doesn't want kids. Arizona doesn't want kids. In her womb, in her house..." and tells Mark that she hasn't brought it up with Arizona because they were doing so great and that she "doesn't want to ruin it by being the crazy desperate girl with the aching womb". Mark points out that "it's better than being a crazy, childless woman who sits at the playground watching the children play. They have laws for people like that". Hmm... he does have a point there, because that is a scary prospect.



The awkward smile from Callie after AZ said that she's preoccupied with making cartilage is very telling, isn't it? It seems to indicate that Callie's been spending quite a bit of time alone in the lab since the last episode and avoiding an oblivious AZ.



At lunchtime, all the attendings converge on the table that Owen's sitting at. Arizona starts to fret about her lunch even before sitting down.



Arizona: My lunch is making me sad, and I haven't started eating it yet.

Mark: <who is again chomping on an apple, whispers to Callie> Say something.

Callie: Shut up.

Arizona: I was gonna go for lasagna. I don't know why I didn't pull the trigger.

Mark: Say it!

Callie: Shut up!

Arizona: Say what? <sips on her gurgly and prematurely empty drink>


Just then, Richard approaches the table with his tray, clearly waiting for an invite from someone, anyone, to join them. Everyone looks up at him awkwardly while chomping on fruits/vegetables or looking up from the newspaper. The whole scene is turning out to be one from a bad after-school special. Richard belatedly takes the hint and goes away to find a cubby hole to eat his lunch in.


As the clique resumes their lunch, Callie glances warily at Arizona while Mark presses...



Mark: If you don't say it, you are going to regret it for a long, looong time.

Callie: Enough...

Arizona: Okay, what is it with you two? <starts to look a little suspicious>


Just then, Teddy swoops down on Huntlet and confronts him on his shady, behind-the-scene dealings in an attempt thwart her patient's wish to die. Teddy is furious, and rightly so, and gives him a piece of her mind. Huntlet knows that Teddy's right, and walks off because he cannot defend his actions.



Throughout the episode, Callie has been treating two men who were injured in an avalanche while attempting to heli ski, accompanied by their friend who valued his life a little more and drew the line at this particular extreme adventure. It turns out that none of them really wanted to do these adventures and were in fact all wusses inside. They have only been putting up a front so as to not disappoint the other guys. How sweet of them. Callie bursts their bubble of bravado, and the three doofuses are relieved that they could go on living their mundane lives without any pressure to be exciting or cool.



Bolstered by the positive outcome of being honest, as witnessed earlier among her patients, Callie goes home and confronts Arizona about what has been troubling her:



Callie: Um... this is really hard for me to say, 'cos I really care about you...and...

Arizona:  <in a panicked ramble> Oh my god.. you're breaking up with me. Mark? Is it is it is it Mark? Are you sleeping with Mark again? 'Cos are you one of those fake lesbians? Just having a va-va-va-va-vacation in Lesbianland?


(Totally understand why AZ reacted the way she did, especially after the whispering between Callie and Mark in the cafeteria. What's a girl to think when you say stuff like this, other than assume that you are trying to let her down easy? I know Callie meant that she doesn't want to upset her with the baby thing or fear that she'll run away, but her choice of words could've been less worry-inducing...)


Callie: Stop. God... it's not bad. This thing I have to tell you isn't bad.


Arizona eyes Callie with so much fear and uncertainty it makes my heart break a little.



Callie: I want to have a baby.


In a split second, Arizona's expression of fear turns into one of stunned disappointment and sort of a half-wince, as her initial thought seems to be, "no no no no no... this is not happening...this is not going to work". Right after Callie says, "I want to have a baby", AZ's shoulders just fall in resignation.



Callie: ...At some point. In my life. That's all. I really.... I have to have a baby. <sounding almost desperate and expressed with so much sincerity as she implores Arizona to understand her and be on the same page>



Arizona continues to stare at Callie speechlessly, and we see her hands almost lifelessly pulling away from Callie's. And what to make of the expression on AZ's face? I could see a tinge of hopelessness. Assuming that she has lived with her preference of not wanting children of her own for so long, and to now be confronted with someone she sees her future with who wants to have kids, her knee-jerk reaction would be to think that this is an irreconcilable difference and that they are doomed. I would think fear and hopelessness first come to mind before rationality kicks in, that maybe they could work through it. The whole thing just felt like it was in slow motion.


Sigh. That hurts to watch. I never thought I would ever see Arizona do something like that, pulling her hands away from Callie. I suppose she was just overwhelmed by the revelation - to be faced with this relationship-threatening type of hurdle out of the blue. I guess she pulled away as she was at a loss of how to process it and not so much repulsed by what Callie just communicated. Poor Callie. She mustered so much courage to finally be honest with Arizona, and this is the response she gets. The look on her face is the realization that they are in trouble.



AZ's ramble about fake lesbians and vacations in Lesbianland gives us a glimpse of all the insecurities that she keeps under wraps on a daily basis. As we have seen, they tend to spew forth during stressful situations (i.e. Callie considering moving to Portland, her freakout in 5.22 after Callie bolts on their date at the fancy restaurant, finding out that Callie's only dated only one woman before). The girl clearly has some issues. Adore the complexity of her character. If the writers are bothering to give her these dimensions, I hope they take a step further and delve into them in future eps.


I am relieved that Callie added the "at some point". I was worried after seeing the sneak peek on The View that she wanted to have a baby like tomorrow. Phew, at least that's sensible.


Sara and JCap just pack a punch in their short scenes. Certainly more impactful than an hour of Owen. But I'm probably biased.


So where do we go from here? Clearly, the writers do not want to resolve it right away. From the CTV promos for next week's episode, we see Callie joking with Mark in one scene, and then looks dazed as she asks Bailey when is a good time to have kids? Then in the promo stills, we see Mark/Callie/AZ smiling beside the pastry cart with their necklaces on. So given that things still look okay, my guess would be that AZ stalls a bit and tells Callie that maybe, when the time is right, or something to that effect. That'll mean that the writers can drag this on for another couple of eps. I have a feeling when "you-know-who" returns in ep 20, sh*t may hit the fan and what Callie offered earlier may come back to haunt her. In any case, I just want to see some kind of conversation between Callie and AZ rather than poof, the next morning, they meet up at the pastry cart and everything's A-Okay again. <roll eyes>



I just have a minor beef that I have to address. Now just to make it clear, I think Mark is a great character and very much enjoy his presence on the show. Mark and Callie have undeniable chemistry, particularly from a comedic standpoint, and it is great for Callie to have a best friend whom she can share with. And Mark has been there for Callie throughout the seasons so I get their deep connection. Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy their scenes a lot. And I don't mind having scenes with Callie/Arizona/Mark. It' ;s just that of late, aside from these group scenes, I feel that we have gotten more Callie/Mark scenes alone than Callie/Arizona scenes. Of course, it may be attributed to all the drama that Mark has been going through and Callie is his main source of support. We just see a lot more communication between Mark and Callie (especially when Callie has a problem herself like in this ep) than between Callie and Arizona, which makes AZ seem like the outsider in this case (i.e. the cafeteria scene). I have no problems with Callie running to Mark with her relationship problems, as it is a natural thing to do with one's best friend; what irked me a little is Callie sharing his problems with Mark for most of the hour and then have a 1 minute talk with Arizona at the end. Perhaps they are trying to drag out this storyline, and this ep was about Callie's internal struggle over whether she should be honest with AZ. The bottom line is, I'm hoping there'll be more communication between Callie & AZ in the next episode.


It's great for Mark and Callie to be tight and be portrayed as BFFs, just not at the expense of the development of Callie and Arizona's relationship because there is only so much screen time available. I'm no expert on Mer/Der and Cristina, but it seems that even though Mer and Cris share everything, we still see Mer communicate with Derek on screen afterwards. It's like Cristina adds to Mer/Der's relationship but does not take over it. Even though the drama is supposed to be between Callie/AZ in this ep, I think we saw more of Callie/Mark.


Someone on the TWoP boards wrote that Shonda tries to please both Callie/Arizona shippers and Mark/Callie shippers because both have strong followings. So she tries to compromise by having Callie be in a relationship with Arizona but have more screen time with Mark. It may be a somewhat cynical take on things, but definitely has some truth to it.





I'm liking the Mark/Teddy chemistry, especially the slap in the face to Owen when she sought Mark's help after Owen got all self-righteous on her. The Mark/Teddy chemistry is more evident after one episode than between Huntlet/Teddy after 10 eps and counting. Mark brings injects some levity to Teddy's character, which makes her so much more likeable. Like that tiny scene with him misunderstanding and bringing up arena football of all things when she approached him about assisted suicide. Everything's so easy and not laborious as it is with the tragic Huntlet. She and Owen are both intense people and just feed off each other's angst when together. I'm going to be very disappointed if the writers are mashing Teddy and Mark together just to create jealousy in Huntlet, and then Mark is the one who gets hurt at the end of all this. Let him grow and be happy, for crying out loud.





This is unexpected, but I'm still enjoying the Richard storyline, mainly for the pure entertainment value of seeing him try to fit in with the guys. The scene in the OR is probably the highlight of the ep for me:



Richard: <to nurse> Can you find out if Dr. Bailey's 'on her way?

Richard: If I wasn't happily married, I'd hit her. I'd hit her hard.

Alex, Nosedive, and Jackson all looking at each other uncomfortably.

Alex: Sir, I think what you wanted to say was "hit that".


Right. Wouldn't want suggestions of physical abuse and sexual harassment mixed up now.


Bailey: <appearing out of nowhere> I don't think you wanted to say that at all. <in a highly unamused tone>


I will also say that it's a rare feel-good story of redemption, and yes, I know that's what the writers want me to feel. I'm such a sucker for sap. I will lose it if they actually wrote a moving scene between Callie & Arizona.



Random thoughts:


Derek put a serious dent in his McDreaminess when he decided to abuse his power and pull the surgery from under Meredith and Shadow Shepherd. Well, actually, April, who's been Shepherd's real shadow of late, was the one sent to do the dirty work. What an arse. First he steals the surgery, then he won't let her on his service because it'll look like favoritism. Good for her for screaming and stomping her feet over it. Public humiliation was what he deserved. But yay! The return of Shadow Shepherd! That little guy never ceases to crack me up. Hilarious that both Cris and Mer have each cozied up to Shadow Shepherd to get surgeries. The whole Whoville, Cindy Lou spiel from Jackson was a little over the top, though. Thought he was going to bring into song or something...


This episode really show how extraneous the Mercy Westers really are. They serve no purpose except to look like extras in the background. Begone, I say!


Sara Gilbert was amazing in her role as the assisted-suicide patient. The storyline could have been a stand-alone one without it being an anvil for Owen. I think I would've felt that story and Sara Gilbert's performance even more if it didn't alternate so much with the flashbacks. What a courageous woman her character was.  She saw everything with such clarity.


Also enjoyed Cristina's human side and the sensitivity she displayed when dealing with the patient. And I have never admired Cris' candor more than when she told the patient straight up that the extra procedure was just the hospital covering its ass. False hope is a dangerous thing.


Teddy looked really good in this ep. I think it's the hair.


Necklace update: still have them on, and especially visible in the heartbreak scene.

Comments (57)
  • Lemonini

    They killed the crap out of this episode seriously! the whole 5 mins we got of calzona! and it was frikein heart breaking! i was yelling at the tv NO DNT LET GO OF HER HANDS! lol

  • Stacy

    You wrote... "Mark points out that "it's better than being a crazy, childless woman who sits at the playground watching the children play. They have lots of people like that"."

    I believe he actually said... they have LAWS for people like that.

    I wondered, as well, about the suspiciously empty soda cup. What's up with that? It seems like instead of wondering if she should have had the lasagna, perhaps she should have wondered if she should have put more than 2 mouths-full of soda in her cup.

    Great Review as always, Meg!

  • Admin

    Thanks for pointing that out, Stacy. Fixed!

    Maybe she gulps it, which would explain her hyper, giddy state all the time. :lol:

  • AJ

    I have noticed that she's always sipping a drink during any lunch scenes. It seems to be a nervous habit that they've given Arizona.

    And thanks for clarifying it was they have 'laws' not 'lots'. I kinda missed it during the episode and when reading it didn't really make sense.

    I'm beginning to equate Owen with boring in GA episodes. Hence why I missed some of the Arizona/Callie/Other character scenes. I don't mind him in scenes with Cristina, or even Mark/Derek/Robert, but on his own or with Teddy, his character or storyline or something just sucks all the life off the screen for me.

  • Tristan

    I agree with you about Mark he is a greatfriend to Callie. They are good as FRIENDS, why do we hardly see Callie and Arizona talking. To end it that way is on purpose. To get fans like us excited. But we hardly see them talk at all. The Valentine date they were supposed to have we don't get to see. Do we even know if they officially live togehter. These are things that should have been explored before the baby thing. And Arizona's insecurities about Mark, she deeply loves Callie and must have fears, could we hear about them and not have to guess what they are. I guess I amupset this is all happening at the end of the season. Especially with Little Sloan returning. This will bring new troubles.

  • rougue

    great review and we have to mention Callie's so hot in this ep... her hair is sexy...

  • Admin

    Thanks! And you are so right! I remember thinking that as soon as I saw her in the lab scene. Can't believe I forgot to mention it in the review!

  • Alyssa

    Great review, didnt like the episode much and definitely didnt like that it ended with Callie hearbroken once again but i do like the storyline they are building for them as long as it doesnt end in heartbreak.

    You know what sort of bothers me, i was watching a re run of Grey's this past week on TV and it was the one where Callie tells Izzie to get a new friend besides George because she cant compete with Izzie...

    That is kind of the situation that Callie is putting Arizona in at times, I'm sure she is much better at balancing it out but still... for Arizona to be in fear, thats not good.

  • Admin

    Thanks, Alyssa! Hmm... interesting point you raised. That's the last thing we need to see. The writers had better tread carefully...

    Now that you brought it up, it seems that the writers have been insisting on some friction or jealousy (whatever you want to call it) between Arizona and Mark. Some snippy comments exchanged between the two in earlier eps could've been interpreted that way if it were not for JCap's delivery. JCap did mention in an interview that she tries to play it off as a joke and that she doesn't think AZ is the type to be jealous. Despite her valiant efforts in resisting going in that direction, there's not much she can do when the writers come up with the kind of dialogue (i.e. making AZ insecure about Mark) like they did in the last ep.

  • wendy

    Hahaha yes yes their lips did touched!!
    :D :D But is sooooooo quick, i have to like rewind and pause like 100 times :p

  • Shannon

    I always appreciate your reviews. You do a wonderful job interpreting the scenes. Thanks so much for doing them.

    I couldn't agree with you more regarding the writers' choices for many episodes in a row of having Mark and Callie talk so much with each other about babies or their girlfriends. It isn't dramatic or compelling to listen to two people talk about a third or for a character to talk about a conflict with any other character but with whom they have the conflict.

    There's a great quote from a memo by David Mamet on how to write good drama for tv over on Ken Levine's blog:


    (The memo, by the way, is in all caps and is very worth reading).

    The Callie and Mark scenes, of which there have been oh so many of late, further neither's storylines. The 10 seconds of silence in the elevator between Mark and Lexie was so much more compelling than the scenes of Callie and Mark talking about Lexie. So too is the heartbreaking 45 seconds where Callie tells Arizona she has to have a baby compared to Callie and Mark talking about Arizona not wanting a baby.

    Given there is no current conflict between Callie and Mark (the big reason their scenes ultimately go nowhere), there's really only 2 possible uses for these scenes. 1.) Foreshadowing a Mallie baby. 2.) Trying to trick/tease the audience into thinking there will be a Mallie baby. Neither are satisfying storytelling and it's really at the expense of the dramatic tension and chemistry between Callie and Arizona. Not to mention it leaves one half of the conflict's POV (Arizona's) undeveloped which additionally undercuts the potential of their conflict.

    I've been a huge fan of Grey's since season 1, episode 1. I've also appreciated many of the scenes from this season. And, generally, Grey's dialogue is so snappy and fun that often 2 characters talking about a 3rd is rather enjoyable. The season storyline arcs overall, though, have been unsatisfying and I think a large part of that is the writers aren't letting the characters within the separate season arcs play directly opposite each other nearly enough. I am hoping that changes as we get closer and closer to the big season end.

    Thanks again!

  • Admin

    Hi Shannon!

    Thanks for your insightful comments and that quote (I checked out that blog - quite interesting points). Totally agree with all of your points.

    Not only does seeing everything through Callie's eyes undercut the potential of their conflict (as you said), I fear that if this continues, there is a risk of Callie turning into the victim in the relationship and AZ coming off as a cold-hearted, one-dimensional person, IF we never find out her side of the story. There is so much potential in exploring AZ's fears (going back to the tiny coffins nightmares) that it would be a huge wasted opportunity if the writers do not take this chance to connect this storyline with what she revealed back then. We should not have to guess at her reasons; we should be allowed to see that on screen.

    It would also have been nice to see Callie/AZ address the children issue in isolation, without external factors (i.e. jealousy of Mark and the Sloan Sloan baby thing). The latter is almost the easy way out.

    I think this is the pitfall of having too large a cast. Everyone has to get their few minutes of screen time, and as far as the writers are concerned, what better than to get everyone involved in everyone else's business.

    The last thing we need is for Callie & Arizona to somehow resolve the issue off-screen, and the only time we learn about it is when Callie informs Mark about it. I'll have to physically restrain myself from hurling something at my TV if that actually happens.

    Let's hope they at least have a proper conversation in this Thurs' ep.

    Thanks again for posting! Quite thought-provoking.

  • JB

    Unfortunately with only a few episodes left I think most of what goes on between C/A to resolve this major issue will go on off screen and left to our imagination. Unless we get a Callie/Arizona-centric episode, which I don't see happening, we are only going to get crumbs.

    I also believe that after a full year of seeing how popular the character of Arizona is, and how big JCap's fan base is, Shonda will start to peel back some of Arizona's layers next season and reveal more about her. My only fear is after covering a major issue this early on what other conflicts and issues will there be ( infidelity, major illnesses between C/A). I don't think we can handle much of that. But conflict does mean more airtime. Our problem is the minute Arizona first came on screen all we have seen is perfection. Now it's slowly being taken from us to a point and it is quite disturbing!

  • Syl

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the one obsessed enough to check if their lips touched! phew what a relief! It was a nice touch in an episode that left me uneasy.

    I agree there's too much of Mark/Callie interaction compared to Calzona! I can see why Callie needs a sounding board, it's the only way we can learn of her thoughts after all and she can't speak with AZ in this instance but still.

    The lunch scene was particularly annoying to me, depsite how cute Arizona was. First it was a epidermic reaction when Callie sat so close to Mark and a mile away from AZ. Now I can see why it was needed on a shooting point of view, since they spend the whole time whispering to each other but at first it disturbed me.

    I was bummed at the very little screen time calzona had in this episode. I agree such a storyline needs to be spread over a mini-arc. Heck for me they can have a full arc, I won't complain! But right now it's more like distillating the whole thing three sentences at the time.

    I hope to see more of Arizona's POV on the whole thing before a resolution and not only see her relent and agree to 'think about it'.

    OK I stop ranting!
    Just wanted to say I love your reviews!

  • Admin

    Thanks so much, Syl!

    And haha, so true re: "distillating the whole thing three sentences at a time". :lol:

    Agree with you on getting to see AZ's POV. It's what will give balance to the conflict and make it more compelling.

  • ASG

    Thanks for the review!

    I wish we got to learn a bit more about Arizona. She is rather undeveloped as a character. Why doesn't she want kids? What is she thinking? I mean, she can't 'un-notice' that Teddy is pinning for Owen but she can't 'notice' that Callie is not taking her chicken-over-children comments badly? I am divided. I am not sure if she knew this talk with Callie was coming or not.

  • JB

    As always a great review and right on the money.

    We need to learn more about Arizona. Even Shonda has said we know very little. We do know she has a family who has excepted her, her brother was killed in Iraq, she had a girlfriend named Joann, she likes donuts, french food, dogs, chickens and she is madly in love with Callie. We also know she does't like to be used, lied to and she does't want children. We need more! I agree with all of you in that we need less Mark/Callie and much more Callie/Arizona. A whole episode of our 2 girls would be great but quite unrealistic.

    Shonda this storyline is very important and it needs and deserves more than 5 minutes each episode. I'm sure Shonda has to realize the Arizona/Callie fan base is huge and we deserve more.

    Shonda please stop throwing us crumbs each week.
    We want the whole piece of bread or sandwich, (no, pizza) even the whole poundcake!!! Thank you, I too am done ranting. Well maybe not, it's early!

  • CJ

    I so agree with this

  • Admin

    Thanks, JB. For sure, this is one of the most important issues between a couple and it certainly deserves some screen time. If they aren't going to flesh it out properly, then what is the point. Grrrr...

    I get that Callie needed to talk to Mark over whether she should bring it up with AZ, and now that she finally did, it is time for her to TALK TO AZ directly.

  • km

    Here! Here!
    We need to learn more about Arizona.

  • Admin

    You're welcome, ASG!

    Hehe... good point how she caught onto the Teddy-Owen thing. Guess some people are more sensitive to other people's problems than their own. She is probably so busy looking for people to fix that she doesn't realize or is in denial that she has issues herself.

  • Gauze paws

    I'm wondering whether Teddy is talking to Arizona in the promo about mark's skills. Hope Arizona doesn't recognize the Sloan method.

  • Admin

    That would be hilariously awkward. And icky for AZ.

  • cyclone

    ummm, WHAT?!?! In the US they did not show Callie asking Bailey when a right time was to have kids (can you post the CTV promo?)
    Also i think that it has been so much Mark/Calzona lately because he doesn't have anyone, maybe now that he Teddy, he will break away from Calzona.
    You also said that if Mer/Der have conflict they communicate afterward and that Cristina is just a bystander but it wasn't always like long did it take especially Mer to get to that point in her life and especially in her relationship.

  • Admin

    Here's the link to the CTV promo:

    It may be true that it took a while for Mer to grow (i.e. 5 seasons), but she's also the title character of the show and I would expect her journey to take that long. The writers would never afford Callie/Arizona that much screen time, and I just don't want the show to end before that.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • deb

    does anyone know how many more seasons there will be???

  • Admin

    If I am not mistaken, Ellen and Patrick's contracts end after season 8, so Shonda makes it sound like there'll likely be 8 at least.

  • deb

    i hope so i love the show

  • Calzona 4ever

    On the necklace, I only see Callie using. I don't see Arizona using a lot (like Callie).

  • JBjb

    Most of the time you can see Callie's necklace. You can usually get a glimpse of just the chain on Arizona. If you look a the still photos for the next episode you can see the chains on both our girls. This is a good sign. MFEO!!!!!!!

  • CJ

    Just to ask about a point you brought up in your review Admin, there have been times where Calzona didn't kiss? What episodes?

    But anyways, great review, I agree the episode would've been so much better had it not been Owen-centric. I feel it was another Grey's epi where nothing really happened, sure our suspicions of Owen's feelings for Teddy/the return of his PSTD were confirmed, but other that? Nothing really happened. They should've given our girls more than a minute of screen time, and I agree with everyone else about Mark and Callie's screen time, they get more than C/A get together!

    Also, is it just me, or did Calzona get more screentime in season 5, when Arizona was introduced? Their conflicts recieved more attention/screentime then it seems, than it does now. Strange.

  • Admin

    Thanks, CJ.

    In Invest in Love, in the kitchen, it was a kiss on the cheek from AZ. The faraway shot was trying to fool us into thinking it was on the lips, but it was not.

    In Holidaze, while they did peck on the lips, the camera angle was so weird that it made the kiss look awkward and incredibly staged. It was wholly unsatisfying to watch.

    Funny, the same thought occurred to me. It seemed like the Callie/AZ storylines were more fleshed out in the last few eps of Season 5. Darn those new characters sucking up the screen time this season. I just feel that Teddy got a LOT MORE screen time than AZ ever did.

  • km

    I love Teddy but, yes I agree. She had a lot of screen time than Arizona.

    Am just thinking this is because Teddy just got in to the show so they're building her up through screen times?

  • Zo0

    I've watched there are three new sneak peeks on spoiler tv this episode is going to be more fun than 6.18 and not so depressing and hope things with arizona and callie work out.

  • Swedish fish

    Yaaaj Meg B)

    Oh my god. My heart is aching.

    The expression on Callies face and the way she says 'I have to have a baby' and looks at AZ and realizes it's not a mutual feeling is just pure heartbreak :(

    Though I see light in the end of the tunnel thinking of the way Callie says it - 'at some point... in my life'. It shows that she loves AZ more than the thought of children (yet) and perhaps is thinking she'll be able to persuade AZ... She should really take it slow! No pressure, talk with AZ about her issues and maybe start with kicking Cristina out and ask AZ to move in with her!!! And why not ask AZ to marry her first!!! That would be the ultimate test somehow, if AZ says yes, then she would also say yes to a child...?

    I would really love it if they'd move in together, that would probably mean more togethertime on screen! Random thoughts...

  • JB

    Swedish Fish, I agree with you, I think the one thing that will keep them together in the end is Callie saying "at some point in my life". Had she said she wanted kids right now it probably would have been a whole new ballgame. Of course saying it this way will drag this on for the rest of the season and possibly into next. Yes when she pulled away from Callie it was heartbreaking, but they probably ended it this way to drive us crazy. I said in an earlier post I wonder how they will start this up again. Will we see what happens right after our heartbreak. Who knows? The fact that they are both laughing and both have on their necklaces in the next episode is a very, very good sign.

    Always remember, they are MFEO

  • nat

    how many episodes are going to be in this season

  • deb

    how comes they have weeks inbetween episodes

  • Yucata

    If someone is interested, there is some sneak peek for next episode here:

    with Arizona on one of them and for those who likes interpreting everything( ;) ), she seems quite happy...not like someone who just broke up with her girlfriend :P just saying....

  • Tristan

    It looks like things might be fine in ep.19 until little sloan returns. AZ probably will not be happy if she leaves her baby.

  • JB

    I just saw the sneak peak with the poundcake. I'm not at all happy with the nervous looks between Arizona and Callie right after Arizona say's (hi guys). Again with Mark being there. These two seem to be joined at the hip. Maybe surgery can take care of that. Maybe Callie needs to be joined at the hip with Arizona so they can talk more!!!! Less problems, happier fans!!!!!

  • Sharon  - Question question

    Who returns in episode 20???? I don't know who you are talking it someone that creates trouble for Callie and Arizona...anyone know - I just read it in the above recap and now I despeately need to know!!!!

  • km

    I think it's little Sloan. Mark's daughter.

  • km

    Am totally with you on Mark/Teddy and Richard Meg!

    Callie/Arizona last scene, still breaks my heart! Oh! That look in Callie's face. And Arizona letting go of Callie's hands, just heartbreaking! :(

    About Mark and Callie, being the viewer, am jealous for Arizona. Haha. Sounds insane, but aahhh! I want more Callie and Arizona moments, and conversations, and together scenes!

    Ok, calm down. :pinch:
    Haha. Am ok, am ok.

    Thanks again for a great review Meg!

  • km

    Oh and the necklace! They're lovely! :lol:

  • Veerukka

    When the promo stills for 6.19 were released (couple days after ep 6.17 was aired) my first thought was a worry because of the looks between Callie and Mark. Though seeing the necklaces calmed me a little.
    Well, after ep 6.18 and the heartbreaking letting-go-of-the-hands part the same stills (and I mean especially the one where they're standing in front of the coffee cart) started to look muuuuch better than before. "Thank God, they're smiling at each other. There's hope!". And the necklaces, they were still there. Yay!
    Now, after seeing THE Sneak peek I have no idea what to think. The awkwardness between Callie and AZ really bothers me... Although there's so many possible explanations for the way they're acting. I don't know why but somehow I always end up thinking of the worst one.

    Do you think it's possible to have a nervous breakdown because of a TV show...? Just wondering. :D

  • Veerukka

    Oops, I was supposed to post this to the "Sneak Peeks for 6.19" thread.

  • JB

    Veerukka maybe we can all get a group rate at the nearest nut house because we are all having a nervous breakdown! This is one horrible rollercoaster ride we are on. Maybe we should ask for our money back!

  • Effi

    Count me in, JB! :pinch:

  • Swedish fish

    I've watced these clips sooooo many times now and I can't get over how GOOOOOD Sara Ramirez is at delivering the hurt and angst that's running thru Callie. Man, I can really feel her pain... I just want to shake AZ, my god woman, how can't you not want to have a child with that gorgeous woman!? We really need to know her reasons... And I REALLY hope AZ speaks up next ep and tells Callie why and that they can come to some kind of understanding...

    That JCap's good at delivering all kinds of emotion, that we allready know! But togehter they're just pure gold :kiss: Sparks fly every time they interact! Oooh, how I just wish that it would all be in real life :s

  • Effi

    I could not agree more with you, Sweedish fish. I, too, think that Sara has been doing a fantastic job this season (in every season, actually). I just want to throw myself at her feet and beg her to have a baby with me, me, me! -LOL (Only if Arizona is not available, of course ;) ) She deserves an award for her performance - just remember her 'Jesus-speech' when her dad came to 'pray away the gay'. Awwwww Sara :kiss: !

    And yes, sparks, sparks, sparks all the way. :)

  • JB

    Oh Effi, if only everyone of use could have a Callie or Arizona for our own. I would take Arizona in a heartbeat. Both these woman are doing a fantastic job this season. Their conflict has brought out the best in them. The chemistry between JCap and Sara is magical and very natural. These two must get along well in real life to be able to carry that onto the screen. I never really got that feeling with Sara and Brooke although some did. I always felt their scenes together were awkward and forced. Let's hope they stay together till the very end! MFEO, always believe.

  • Effi

    Oh I so agree with everything you say, JB! Till the very end and happily ever after. :) Callie and Arizona do have magic between them which suggest that Sara and Jess have a great liking for each other too. I'm torn as to Callie and Erica - I just love Sara so much that I thought she also made that realtionship look very credible, intense and vivid. Their kiss outside the hospital is still one of my all time favorite Greys moments. :kiss: (Plus I would still like to know why they kicked Brooke out the way they did.) However, Arizona is the much (!) better match for Callie, I surely won't argue with that. They are as you say and we all know MFEO. :D

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